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Arm Lift

Brachioplasty in Wellesley, MA, at Wellesley Plastic Surgery

It doesn’t matter how many weights you lift—no amount of exercise will get rid of the sagging skin on your upper arms.

Many people often wonder, “What does brachioplasty mean?” Brachioplasty is a technical term that is used to describe an arm lift procedure. This procedure is designed to remove fat and tighten skin that is sagging due to aging or fluctuations in weight. If you are unhappy with the excess skin on your upper arms, talk to a Dr. Arthur Shektman during a consultation today to learn more about brachioplasty. 

How Does Brachioplasty Work?

Dr. Shektman will make incisions either in the armpit or in a hidden area inside the arm. In some cases, the he will use liposuction to remove excess fat, but this is not always necessary. Then, Dr. Shektman will remove the loose skin and smooth the remaining skin over the new contour of the arm.

The incisions will then be closed using either stitches or internal sutures that will naturally absorb into your body once the wound has healed. Patients should be able to see results immediately following the surgery, but there will be swelling and bruising.

How Long Does It Take To Heal After Brachioplasty?

Recovery times may vary slightly. Most patients need to take about one week off work in order to recover from this procedure. Dr. Shektman will most likely tell you to avoid any type of exercise that puts stress on the upper arms for four weeks.

You may be cleared to resume cardiovascular exercises after about a month, but you will not be able to do any heavy lifting for at least six weeks. After six weeks, you should be fully healed and able to resume your normal activities. But, you should never do so without first consulting with Dr. Shektman.

How Long Do Brachioplasty Results Last?

As long as your weight remains relatively stable, the results of a brachioplasty will be permanent. However, if you gain and lose a significant amount of weight after undergoing this surgery, you will see loose skin reappear in your upper arms. Otherwise, you should expect to lose a bit of the firmness as you grow older, but the results should still be visible.

Care and Compassion

Dr. Arthur Shektman is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and is recognized as an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. With over 20+ years of experience and nearly 3,500+ happy patients.

At Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery, our mission has always been to improve our patients’ lives through the use of cutting-edge, innovative plastic surgery techniques in a safe and secure environment.

How Much Does Brachioplasty Cost in Wellesley, MA?

The cost of brachioplasty can vary, so it’s important to have this conversation with your plastic surgeon. Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery offers several different financing options to make this procedure more affordable for all patients. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about financing—just give us a call at (781) 239-0680 today.

Learn More About Wellesley Brachioplasty Today

Find out if you are a good candidate for brachioplasty by getting in touch with our office today. Dr. Arthur Shektman has over 20 years of experience performing surgical procedures on patients in the Wellesley area. Our practice serves patients who are interested in having a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facelift, or eyelid lift. Please call (781) 239-0680 to talk to a member of our team and schedule an appointment. 

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