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Neck Lift

Neck Lift in Boston, MA, with Dr. Arthur Shektman

Neck lift surgery is a highly effective solution for an aging neck and can restore a smooth, taut appearance to the entire neck region.

For many of us, the neck is an area of particular concern as we start to age. Whether we like it or not, aging is inevitable – but what isn’t inevitable is how we deal with aging. When performed by an experienced, skilled, and board-certified plastic surgeon, neck lift surgery can fix many of these problems.

Dr. Arthur Shektman, a leading plastic surgeon in Wellesley, MA, applies his decades of experience with modern medical techniques to provide natural, long-lasting results. Read on to learn more about how Dr. Shektman, one of the best neck lift surgeons in Wellesley, performs his neck lift procedures, or arrange a consultation by calling (781) 239-0680 or filling out this online form

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How Does Aging Occur in the Neck?

Our skin changes as we age due to a loss of collagen and elastin. These structural proteins give skin its elastic nature, which keeps it smooth and wrinkle-free in our youth. As these proteins decline with age, the skin becomes less elastic, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and less support for the muscles in the area. For some people, this is particularly prevalent in the neck, exacerbated by habits such as smoking or one’s genetics. This can lead to neck folds. A neck lift can address these issues and provide a more youthful looking neckline.

How Does a Neck Lift Work?

As with other anti-aging surgeries, such as a facelift or brow lift, a neck lift removes excess skin from the desired area, then reattaching the remaining skin.

Doing so pulls the skin tighter, creating a smooth, wrinkle-free, supportive layer of skin that appears more youthful and helps hold the musculature of the neck and chin in a more vibrant, defined setting.

Dr. Shektman achieves this by creating incisions behind each ear and occasionally underneath the chin. These incision placements not only hide the incisions, so there’s no visible scarring, but also provide the best opportunity to stretch the skin anatomically neutrally, delivering natural results.   

For some patients who desire a tighter, smoother neck but don’t wish to undergo surgery, Dr. Shektman can also achieve similar results using a combination of non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, Botox® , and laser skin resurfacing

How Will I Benefit from a Neck Lift in Boston, MA?

The neck is a focal part of the physique, connecting the upper torso and head. As such, a smooth, wrinkle-free neck signifies fitness, vitality, and health. Everybody eventually experiences wrinkles on their neck, but people with genetic predispositions, smokers, and people who spend extensive amounts of time in the sun, are more susceptible to experiencing more noticeable wrinkles at a younger age. This is because smoking speeds up the degradation of skin proteins and inhibits the production of healthy, new ones.

The sun’s UV rays deform elastic and collagen, leading to premature wrinkling. A neck lift can reverse these effects and helps candidates achieve a naturally smooth, youthful neck even once the aging process has started.

Care and Compassion

Dr. Arthur Shektman is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and is recognized as an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. With over 20+ years of experience and nearly 3,500+ happy patients.

At Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery, our mission has always been to improve our patients’ lives through the use of cutting-edge, innovative plastic surgery techniques in a safe and secure environment.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Neck Lift in Wellesley, Massachusetts?

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your neck, then you’re a suitable candidate for a Wellesley neck lift surgery. Ideally, patients should be at or close to healthy body weight to get the best results and should also consider quitting smoking to prolong and optimize results. Candidates also require several weeks of reduced activity following their surgery to ensure proper recovery, so arranging your schedule is necessary to provide a stress-free, uneventful downtime.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Neck Lift Surgery?

Patients from neck lift surgery generally experience swelling and bruising around the neck, jaw, and ears for nine to fifteen days. Most patients then require another one to two weeks to fully recover, let their incisions seal and close, and for the results to set permanently. 

Patients use prescription medication to manage any pain and swelling during this time. Dr. Shektman advises patients to rest completely for the first week to ten days following the procedure, with little to no physical exercise. After the first week, patients should start walking to get the blood flowing, but nothing that elevates the heart rate too significantly. 

Depending on patient preference, people can return to desk jobs after the first week, but many prefer to wait until they’ve completely healed before returning to work and social interaction.

Interested in A Neck Lift in Wellesley, MA? Contact Us Today to Get Started!

Dr. Shektman prides himself on his close connection with his patients, ensuring their every need is seen to before, during, and after their neck lift procedure. Call (781) 239-0680 or fill out this online form now to begin your journey towards a happier, more confident you.

Boston Neck Lift FAQs

Neck lift costs depend on the work required and whether or not any supplementary work needs doing, such as liposuction. We will provide you with an estimate after you have been evaluated by Dr. Shektman.

As with any surgical procedure, there are inherent risks associated with a neck lift. These include bleeding, infection, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Patients will also likely experience a degree of tightness and numbness in the weeks following the surgery, but this is normal. 

Any risk is minimized by choosing a highly experienced, certified plastic surgeon to perform your neck lift.

While a neck lift removes excess skin, it doesn’t stop the aging process. After a neck lift, patients often look years younger and will continue to enjoy these results for several years. 

However, patients must be aware that their bodies will continue to reduce collagen and elastin production, contributing to lesser skin elasticity and shape over time. 

Patients can extend their skin health by taking proper care of their skin in the sun (wearing high SPF sunscreen), moisturizing their skin, and eating a balanced diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are essential for optimal skin health.

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