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Does an Eyelid Lift Leave Scars?

Having surgery done can be a cause of anxiety for some people. There are many questions to be asked before any surgery and it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous. One cause of anxiety among people considering an elective, cosmetic surgery is the possibility of scarring following the procedure.

Some people imagine that eyelid lift surgery would leave ugly scars on their face that would require the person to always wear makeup in an effort to conceal them. Fortunately, this is an over exaggeration and often the scars left behind from an eyelift are not readily visible. Even without makeup applied to conceal them, the scars left behind from an eyelift procedure can be difficult to find.

Why are there scars from an eyelid lift?

Any surgical procedure that involves incisions is capable of leaving behind a scar. When the skin is cut your body produces collagen fibers. These fibers are formed from a naturally occurring protein in your body. The collagen fibers work to repair the damage and the result can be seen as scar tissue. This tissue will often have a different quality and appearance, and even varying texture, than the surrounding skin that was not broken. When you make an incision, the body must heal itself. This is inevitable, but steps can be taken to reduce appearance of the scar.

One such method to reduce the appearance of scarring during an eyelid lift procedure is the placement of the incisions. A skilled surgeon knows exactly where an incision should be made to help naturally conceal the resulting scar. The incision is made within the natural contours of the eye region to minimize the appearance of the scar once the cut has fully healed. Sutures or stitches may be placed to increase the speed of recovery and minimize the size of the resulting scars.

Everyone’s body heals differently and scar appearances may vary. However, the strategical placement of the surgical incisions makes it very unlikely that the scars will be visible following an eyelid lift procedure. Patients that follow through with proper aftercare following the eyelid lift are also less likely to have visible scars.

You should always follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully for taking care of the incision area after the surgery. In addition to specific orders given by your surgeon, you should make an effort to keep the area clean and dry for at least a week following the surgery to speed up the healing process. You must be careful to always wear sunglasses that cover the incision lines while outside. This will reduce the damage that can be done by the sun’s UV rays.

Scar Care

After the incision and any scabs have healed completely, then a scar cream may be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars. The eyelid area has thin skin and is very sensitive, so you should be selective in the scar cream products you choose. Ask your surgeon for a recommendation to ensure that you use the proper products to allow for healing.

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