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How To Prepare for a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Once you have scheduled your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, then you should use the time beforehand to prepare. Preparing for the consultation in advance will ensure that you feel comfortable and you’ll be able to ask the questions you want to prior to your surgery. Here are some tips for ways to prepare for your plastic surgery consultation.

The first step in preparing for your consultation is to research the procedure you are wanting to have performed. Researching the procedure will help you get a better understanding of the process, such as what to expect from the recovery period. While you’re researching the procedure write down any questions that you have. It’s likely that you could forget these questions during your consultation, so taking notes is the best way to ensure that you won’t forget to ask the questions you have when you look into the procedure you want.

On the day of your consultation it will help you to wear loose-fitting clothing or clothes that are easy to change out of. If you are having a breast augmentation or reduction procedure or any other body procedure then you will need to disrobe to change into a patient gown. Your surgeon will need to examine the areas that you are wanting to have plastic surgery on, so wearing clothing that is practical to change in and out of will make the consultation easier on you.

When you arrive at the surgeon’s office you will be asked to fill out medical paperwork. Having your medical history information ready beforehand will make this part much easier than trying to recall your medical history on the spot at the doctor’s office. You also will need to be able to fill out any medical problems that run in your immediate family, such as cancer or diabetes. You’ll also want to list all of the medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking, including herbal teas. Writing all of this down beforehand will make it easier on you the day of the consultation. Be sure to fill out the paperwork accurately and as comprehensive as possible. This will ensure that your surgeon can properly plan for your safety during and after the procedure.

Questions to ask during your consultation

Educating yourself on the type of procedure you’re interested in is a great way to prepare, but you should still ask your surgeon questions during the consultation. Here are some examples of questions to ask your doctor during the consultation:

  • What are the risks of the procedure? The benefits?
  • Am I a good candidate for the procedure I’m interested in? Or is there a better option for me?
  • Who will be performing the anesthesia? Are they qualified?
  • What is your protocol in case of an emergency during the operation?
  • Do you have before and after photos of patients you’ve performed similar surgeries on?

These are just a few examples. If you have your own questions for your surgeon then be sure to write them down so you can ask during the consultation. Experienced plastic surgeons will understand your concerns and be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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