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What Should I Know Before Getting a Breast Reduction?

Large breasts are a genuine health concern because they can strain your body and give you chronic pain. It also creates body image issues for some women and affects them psychologically. Breast reduction by liposuction or surgery is known to improve the quality of its patients’ lives and savage them from socially awkward situations.

It can be confusing to go through a breast reduction procedure without knowing what to expect. But if you are educated and informed, you’ll plan better and get better outcomes. A top plastic surgeon in Boston, MA, is committed to boosting patients’ self-confidence with natural-looking results.

How Should I Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon?

Among the most critical decisions you’ll ever have to make is choosing the right Boston cosmetic surgeon. While the procedure primarily corrects physical discomforts associated with big breasts, aesthetic improvements are also key. Your new breasts should look more beautiful and have a natural look that suits your body.

Don’t be afraid to ask potential surgeons questions like the total number of procedures they have performed. Also, find out the surgeon’s aesthetic style by looking at their patients’ “before” and “after” pictures. Pay close attention to the breasts similar to yours to see if you like the surgery results.

What Breast Reduction Technique is Ideal for Me?

Your breast reduction options depend on several factors – your desired outcome, the amount and type of tissue to be removed, and the existing breast anatomy. An expert plastic surgeon in Boston, MA, can help you determine the most appropriate technique for you.

If you have a lot of asymmetry issues or sagging to fix or need significant breast reduction, an inverted-T/ anchor breast reduction may be ideal. Vertical/lollipop breast reduction can benefit you if the sagging is noticeable and you require moderate reduction. In instances where excessive fat tissue is the cause of the large breasts, liposuction can help reduce them.

How is a Boston Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

The procedures usually use intravenous sedation with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. If the Boston plastic surgeon is making an inverted-T reduction, he/she will make three incisions – and two incisions will be made for a vertical reduction. Excess skin, fat, and tissue are then removed through the incision.

The remaining breast skin and tissue will be reshaped, and the areola/nipple complex will be moved higher. If the areola is too big, the plastic surgeon can reduce it to become proportional to the new breasts. Finally, the medical team will close the incisions using dissolvable sutures.

Can I Go Home on the Day of Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is actually an outpatient procedure, and you can continue with your recovery from home. Your Massachusetts surgeon will let you go home with a surgical bra that will make you more comfortable and advise you on other ways to take care of yourself.

The recovery period varies from patient to patient and depends on the surgery’s extent and your natural healing process. In about a week, most people are able to return to the desk job or drive comfortably. And most patients are ready to resume exercises in 4 weeks. Remember to ask the plastic surgeon to assess your scars to see if they have adequately healed before resuming any activity. 

How is Life After Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction allows you to participate in physical activities you couldn’t take part in before the surgery. You also get the freedom to wear clothes you didn’t feel too comfortable in previously. Importantly, your newly found self-confidence makes the breast reduction procedure worthwhile. The incision scars fade away with time and will be hidden beneath the bikini.

Relief from shoulder and back pain is often instant. The final results may take some time to settle in. For instance, swelling in the first few weeks post-op can make your breasts look a little bigger – thus, it is safer to shop for new bras later. And if you notice some sort of asymmetry between the breasts initially, it might be because the right and the left breasts sometimes heal at different rates.

Will the Results of My Surgery Last?

Weight fluctuations and pregnancies can alter the appearance, size, and shape of your reduced breasts. But if you don’t get pregnant and maintain a stable weight, you can retain the smaller and lighter breasts for the rest of your life.

If you are unsure about whether to have the breast reduction surgery in Boston now or wait until you are done having children, speak to a Boston plastic surgeon for advice. Notably, the natural aging process can cause your breasts to sag a little bit – but it probably won’t be as much as it was before the surgery.

How Should I Prepare for Breast Reduction Procedure?

The smoothness of your recovery is determined by how well you prepare yourself beforehand. Here is what should be on your checklist before your Boston breast reduction surgery:

  • Stay away from smoking two weeks before and after the procedure
  • Inform the surgeon about any medications you have been taking
  • Talk to someone about taking you to the hospital for breast reduction and back home afterward
  • If you have kids, find someone to help care for them as you focus on recovery
  • Place anything you’ll need after the operation in a convenient location
  • Shower/bath the night before because you may not be able to do it days post-operation
  • Avoid vigorous exercises on the day before
  • Get rid of nail polish to make blood circulation monitoring easier
  • Stock up enough healthy refreshments, snacks, and easy-to-prepare meals

Find an Expert that will Help You Feel your Best

Plastic surgeries are very sensitive procedures, and that’s why you should entrust it to an experienced and highly qualified surgeon. The environment where your procedure is conducted should be secure, and the techniques used should be innovative.

The right plastic surgeon should encourage you to ask questions and participates actively in your recovery journey. If you feel like it’s time to take the bold step and transform your appearance and ease discomforts in Boston, make it worthwhile. Call us at (617) 237-6061 or (781)-214-8408 to book an appointment, and our qualified team will be happy to answer all your questions on breast reduction surgery in Boston, MA.

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