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The Best Parks In Wellesley, Massachusetts

Wellesley, Massachusetts is the kind of place where good people settle down to work and raise families. This is the kind of place where neighbors know each other, and everyone watches out for each other as a community. A city like this is going to have good quality parks for the enjoyment of families, children, and gatherings. Wellesley is not disappointed. We will list for you some of our favorites, and we encourage you to do your own research and find a few parks that fit the needs of you or your group.

Warren Park

Boston Parents Paper take great effort in researching and checking out the parks in Massachusetts. Their recent list included Warren Park. Warren Park is situated in a wide-open area with rolling green fields for children to run in and beautiful trees which provide shade for all your outdoor fun. There are two fully equipped playgrounds. One is designed for toddlers, with pint-sized swings and slides. The other is for older children and features large structures for climbing and taller slides for play. There is also a basketball court, so bring the teens too. This park is perfect for visitors of all ages.

Elm Bank Reservation

This is a favorite of locals and visitors. It is open year-round during daylight hours. The Elm Bank Reservation is 182-acres of property that includes various gardens with seasonal tours, and stunning landscapes throughout the park. It is complete with natural woodlands, and open spaces for everyone to enjoy. This reservation is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is surrounded on three sides by the Charles River, and visitors may see a variety of wildlife that calls this reservation home.

Fuller Brook Park

Fuller Brook Park is part of the National Registry of Historic Places. The park was established in 1899 and came to completion in 1930. It was originally designed for flood control, and the extensive watercourses are channeled, though they look natural. The park is used for its extensive trail systems and events.

Perrin Park

Perrin Park is like the parks from your childhood. This picturesque park has concrete trails through green grass and lots of trees so children can ride their bikes and scooters. There are plenty of places to walk, and the playgrounds are old-fashioned American style. There are swing sets and sandboxes and plenty of equipment to let the little ones run off some steam. This is the perfect place for an afternoon with the family. This park is also pet-friendly. Perrin Park is one of the few places that has times allowed for pets.

Morses Pond

Come for the canoeing or play some volleyball. There are snack trucks and ice cream trucks that visit the pond too. Throw some hot dogs and burgers on the grill and make it a family activity. This is a great park area for kids of all ages. If you are looking for the perfect park to enjoy the day, you will find it in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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