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  1. A NEW Way To Lift Sagging Facial Contours

    We have recently introduced Silhouette InstaLift®, the breakthrough facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts sagging facial skin without the need for surgery, extensive scars or general anesthesia. The best candidates for the procedure are women who exhibit early signs of facial aging, but are not quite ready for surgery, such as face and neck lift. Silhouette… Read More

  2. Notable People from Wellesley, Massachusetts

    The list of notable people from Wellesley, Massachusetts is quite a long one, ranging from athletes, government officials, poets and authors, rock stars, and other TV personalities. When it comes to famous people from Wellesley, the scope is wide. Steven Tyler Lead singer for Aerosmith, otherwise known as the “Demon of Screamin” due to his… Read More

  3. Which Liposuction Technique Is Best

    This is a question that is asked to our Boston liposuction surgeon every day. However, no specific answer applies to everyone. All liposuction techniques are invasive. Each technique can be done with minimal discomfort and will leave a bit of scarring. Liposuction became popular in the 1980s. It is a way for a medical professional… Read More

  4. What is a Mommy Makeover?

    Pregnancy and childbirth can be taxing on a woman’s body. It affects many areas of the body, including the stomach, legs, and breasts to name just a few. Nursing can also put a strain on a mother’s body. A healthy diet and exercise can do wonders in helping you restore your body back to its… Read More

  5. Colleges and Universities in Wellesley, Massachusetts

    Due to Wellesley’s location which is near Boston, there are more than 50 colleges, universities, and institutes of higher learning within less than 20 miles from the city of Wellesley. No matter what your dream of a higher education entails, you will find the right school in or very near Wellesley. Wellesley’s Private Women’s Liberal… Read More

  6. The Difference Between Liposuction and Liposculpture

    Sometimes a pocket of fat just sits in an undesirable area and makes us feel self-conscious. No matter what we do, it is still there. We can diet and exercise until we turn blue, and that bulge stays on the stomach or hips or wherever. This is usually when we decide we can either live… Read More

  7. The Best Parks In Wellesley, Massachusetts

    Wellesley, Massachusetts is the kind of place where good people settle down to work and raise families. This is the kind of place where neighbors know each other, and everyone watches out for each other as a community. A city like this is going to have good quality parks for the enjoyment of families, children,… Read More

  8. Best Pizza in Wellesley, Massachusetts

    When “Papa’s Tomato Pies” opened in 1912, it was the beginning of what we know as today’s pizza. Though not until after World War 11 did the craze breakthrough international barriers. The U.S. Soldiers discovered “pizza” while stationed in Italy and looking for something different than their usual tasteless rations. They returned to the states… Read More

  9. The Best Restaurants In Wellesley, Massachusetts

    Wellesley is in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, which is part of the Boston area. It has a very rich history, and the city is a charming walk through the past. With buildings dating back to the early 1800s, this city is a great combination of the past and modern comfort. One unique thing worth mentioning about… Read More

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