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Best Pizza in Wellesley, Massachusetts

When “Papa’s Tomato Pies” opened in 1912, it was the beginning of what we know as today’s pizza. Though not until after World War 11 did the craze breakthrough international barriers. The U.S. Soldiers discovered “pizza” while stationed in Italy and looking for something different than their usual tasteless rations. They returned to the states with an appreciation for unique taste, from Eisenhower to the lowest ranking soldier they all enjoyed the robust flavors.

The two most popular were the “Marinara” (tomato, oregano, garlic and virgin olive oil), and the “Margherita” (tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil), both named after a woman.

1962 – Hawaiian Pizza pineapple and ham from Canada
2009 – Napoletana pizza “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed”
2012 – world’s largest pizza, 1261.65 square meters in Rome
2016 – 3D pizza robotics company BeeHex

In Wellesley, Massachusetts, you can enjoy a little slice of this heaven at any one of the following establishments. Each restaurant has their own special twist that makes their pizza unique, and a slice is worth coming back foragain and again.

Wellesley, The Upper Crust

Thin crust “Neapolitan style” pizza baked in an artisan stone deck oven. The Upper Crust starts with fresh ingredients raised on a local farm and hand-picked at just the right moment. The dough and sauce are made from scratch daily, and you can taste the freshness the moment you take your first bite.


Get it to go at the counter or grab a table and eat in, Comella’s can take care of your every “Italian” whim. There is a choice of sauces and sizes from single serving to a “Double Bucket,” which serves 20-25, you can’t go wrong in choosing Comella’s.All their Italian specialties are served with their homemade Marinara sauce and topped with Mozzarella and Romano cheese. Create your own personal pizza or choose from one of their specialty pizzas, like the “Charlie Bear” (meatball, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, and onion), or the “Cute Kate” (shrimp scampi).

Have a food allergy? Make sure you let them know, they are sure to accommodate that also.


A dream come true for chef Michael Schlow. He had the dream of a neighborhood restaurant that felt like it belonged there and had always been there. In 2007, Chef Schlowsaw his dream become a reality in “AltraStrada.” It is a comfortable, relaxed; everyone is welcome typeplace serving Italian fare and a “Pizzeria and market.” If you are in the mood for a delicious thin crust pizza, this is the place for you. Order online or enjoy an intimate meal at the bar.AltraStrada is a local favorite for pizza in Wellesley.

Wellesley North End Pizza

Serving truly to original style hand-tossed and oven baked pizza in a fun and friendly family setting. You can get together with the team after a game or just bring the kids and give mom or dad a night off, whatever you choose Wellesley North End Pizza is an ideal place for a quick getaway and a delicious meal.

These are just a few of the great pizza places in Wellesley. You will soon learn that there are pizza places all over Massachusetts, but none of them can compete with the options waiting for you in Wellesley. If you are ready to sample freshly made pizza, here are some places to try.

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