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  1. 10 Myths About Liposuction

    Liposuction is frequently performed across the U.S. and throughout the world, yet a number of popular misconceptions about liposuction persist. Readers who are considering liposuction should understand that what you read here is only a brief introduction to the procedure. A liposuction procedure removes fat deposits and improves your body’s contours and proportions. In most… Read More

  2. What Is It Like To Undergo Intravenous Anesthesia?

    If you have chosen to get plastic surgery or if you are considering a cosmetic procedure in the Boston area, you are probably excited about the improvements you anticipate, but you may have some reticence or anxiety about intravenous anesthesia. Every cosmetic surgical procedure requires the use of local anesthesia. When complicated surgery or multiple… Read More

  3. How Much Does Liposuction Cost In Boston?

    If you are considering liposuction, your first concern should not be the cost. Your first concern is finding one of the best liposuction surgeons in Boston who adheres to the highest professional standards. Assuming that you don’t want to turn your body over to a “discount surgeon,” what can you expect to pay for a… Read More

  4. Tips For A Healthy Recovery Following A Surgical Procedure

    Recovery from a cosmetic surgical procedure may be quick and easy for some patients, but for most of us here in New England, a full and successful recovery will take a little more time and effort. It is important to understand that the recovery process following plastic surgery will be different for every patient. What… Read More

  5. Who Qualifies for a Mommy Makeover?

    A Mommy Makeover is a combination of treatments by a cosmetic surgeon that is often performed in a single surgery. Sometimes, the procedure is broken up into multiple sessions. Either way, the surgery is intended to address the body issues that mothers often face after pregnancy and childbirth. Having children can put a strain on… Read More

  6. Recovery Time for Mommy Makeovers

    If your pregnancy or pregnancies have altered your appearance and left you unsatisfied with the look of your body then you may want to consider a Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover is a group of procedures typically completed in one session to help bring your body closer to the way it looked before you had… Read More

  7. Does Liposuction Leave A Scar?

    You have liposuction to look your best. You work hard on your body, and you want to feel confident in your own skin, rather than relying on temporary solutions to conceal your imperfections. Although any surgery poses the risk of scarring, liposuction surgeons know this very well. They make great efforts to minimize your scars…. Read More

  8. Does A Tummy Tuck Leave A Scar?

    One reason people hesitate to get tummy tuck surgeries is the fear of scarring. While there must be scary, it does not have to be something that draws attention. Let our tummy tuck surgeon explain. To perform a tummy tuck, the abdomen must be cut by your surgeon. The skin is pulled away exposing the… Read More

  9. Recovery Time For Liposuction – What To Expect

    Liposuction is one of those procedures that can require a little work or extensive work. It all depends on how much fat a patient wants to be removed from their body and where it is located. Sometimes it is minor to recover, taking days, while other times it can take weeks or even months. Here… Read More

  10. How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck Procedure

    Tummy tuck surgery can flatten your abdomen by removing loose, extra fat and skin and tighten the muscles in the abdomen. It may also remove some if not all the stretch marks in your lower abdomen. Before your surgery, there are certain things you need to do so that you are properly prepared. In order… Read More

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