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Does Liposuction Leave A Scar?

You have liposuction to look your best. You work hard on your body, and you want to feel confident in your own skin, rather than relying on temporary solutions to conceal your imperfections. Although any surgery poses the risk of scarring, liposuction surgeons know this very well. They make great efforts to minimize your scars. But you must be realistic in your expectations before deciding to get liposuction.

It Takes Time

Some patients have their liposuction procedure, and in a couple of months when they still see the scars, they think the doctor did something wrong. This is the way it is for everyone. While it is true, some people just seem to look perfect in a few weeks, that outcome is rare. Other people tend to turn dark where the incision took place, but that is temporary.

The truth is, it takes about a year for the scar to mature. After that is will begin to fade. After some time, it will become less noticeable and sometimes hardly noticeable at all unless someone is looking for it. It will never fully disappear, but it will become less visible over time.

During the recovery process, your body may feel or look odd, so you may think your surgery was flawed.It probably was not. You just need to follow your doctor’s instructions and wait for your results.

Things to Take into Consideration

When you are tempted not to wear that compression clothing, and you are tired of forcing yourself to walk and work at your recovery, remember this. He or she has done this before. They know what will give you the best results. They do not have a magic wand, and though there are creams that help, they may not have one that will instantly remove your scars. But they do have a formula. All their instructions are part of that formula. They are not picking on you; they are ensuring you get the best medical advice there is so you can have the body you want with as little scarring as possible.

Don’t Assume

Have you ever had a sore throat and the doctor gave you antibiotics? They probably said, “You will feel better soon, but finish the bottle.” Of course, you felt better soon, and you probably put the bottle in the medicine cabinet in case you ever got sick again. More than likely before too long, you got sick again. You felt like you were recovered, but you were not recovered.

A few weeks into your recovery, you may be tempted to just do what you always have done. You are not in pain, and you know your body has more adjusting to do, but you assume it can do it without your help. So, you tuck those recovery instructions away and forget about them. This is a mistake. You have NOT recovered. You feel better but your body has been through liposuction and it takes time to heal. When you stop doing your part prematurely, you are asking for trouble. You paid for the doctor’s expert advice. Take it!

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