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  1. Will Your BMI Affect Your Cosmetic Surgery Results?

    What is your BMI – your Body Mass Index? How does someone’s BMI impact the decision to have plastic surgery, and how will it affect the results of that surgery? If you are considering a cosmetic surgical procedure, your Boston liposuction surgeon will need to take your BMI into account when you are planning your surgery. But… Read More

  2. How To Maintain Lasting Tummy Tuck Results

    A lot of us would like a flatter midsection, but for many people, it is almost impossible to achieve that goal with diet and exercise alone. However, a tummy tuck surgeon in Boston may be able to help you reach your goal with a tummy tuck procedure. Despite the cute phrase, consumers should understand that a “tummy… Read More

  3. The Unexpected Benefits Of Tummy Tuck Procedures

    “Tummy tucks” are one of the most commonly-sought cosmetic procedures by our Boston tummy tuck surgeon. A tummy tuck is for those with saggy or loose skin who want a flatter midsection but are not getting it with diet and exercise alone. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons tells us that in 2017, more than 129,000… Read More

  4. What Are The Emotional And Physical Effects Of Plastic Surgery?

    Your choice to work with a Boston liposuction surgeon is an entirely personal decision. Some people make that choice unemotionally and rationally, like it’s a business decision. Others struggle with the decision and may experience a number of emotions both before and after a cosmetic procedure. As you ready yourself for your physical recovery after a plastic… Read More

  5. How Much Swelling Will You Experience After Liposuction?

    Liposuction is a body-contouring cosmetic surgical procedure sought everywhere by both women and men. It’s a procedure that involves a Boston liposuction surgeon to remove stubborn and unwanted fat from various parts of the body, but liposuction isn’t right for everyone. Liposuction eliminates fat deposits and enhances your body’s proportions and contours. In the liposuction procedure, a… Read More

  6. The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures For Males

    It’s no secret that society places a high value on looking healthy and young. Historically, cosmetic surgery has been sought predominantly by women, but today, men of all ages are seeking cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Exactly what cosmetic procedures are men seeking? What are their goals? What should a man know before… Read More

  7. Why Is Getting Cosmetic Surgery Overseas So Dangerous?

    With the increasing social emphasis on looks, a dangerous trend is emerging. It’s called “cosmetic surgery tourism.” It refers to those who seek inexpensive plastic surgical procedures in other nations – supposedly for less than someone would pay in the U.S. or Canada. Fifteen million patients from the U.S. seek some kind of medical treatment… Read More

  8. What Happens When You Undergo General Anesthesia During A Cosmetic Procedure?

    If you’ve chosen plastic surgery or if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you’re probably excited about the improvements you anticipate, but you may have some reticence or anxiety about general anesthesia. Let our Boston liposuction surgeon explain. Every cosmetic surgical procedure requires the use of local or general anesthesia. When a complicated surgery or multiple procedures are… Read More

  9. 10 Myths About Liposuction

    Liposuction is frequently performed across the U.S. and throughout the world, yet a number of popular misconceptions about liposuction persist. Readers who are considering liposuction should understand that what you read here is only a brief introduction to the procedure. A liposuction procedure removes fat deposits and improves your body’s contours and proportions. In most… Read More

  10. What Is It Like To Undergo Intravenous Anesthesia?

    If you have chosen to get plastic surgery or if you are considering a cosmetic procedure in the Boston area, you are probably excited about the improvements you anticipate, but you may have some reticence or anxiety about intravenous anesthesia. Every cosmetic surgical procedure requires the use of local anesthesia. When complicated surgery or multiple… Read More

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