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  1. Will Your BMI Affect Your Cosmetic Surgery Results?

    What is your BMI – your Body Mass Index? How does someone’s BMI impact the decision to have plastic surgery, and how will it affect the results of that surgery? If you are considering a cosmetic surgical procedure, your Boston liposuction surgeon will need to take your BMI into account when you are planning your surgery. But… Read More

  2. The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures For Males

    It’s no secret that society places a high value on looking healthy and young. Historically, cosmetic surgery has been sought predominantly by women, but today, men of all ages are seeking cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Exactly what cosmetic procedures are men seeking? What are their goals? What should a man know before… Read More

  3. Why Is Getting Cosmetic Surgery Overseas So Dangerous?

    With the increasing social emphasis on looks, a dangerous trend is emerging. It’s called “cosmetic surgery tourism.” It refers to those who seek inexpensive plastic surgical procedures in other nations – supposedly for less than someone would pay in the U.S. or Canada. Fifteen million patients from the U.S. seek some kind of medical treatment… Read More

  4. What Happens When You Undergo General Anesthesia During A Cosmetic Procedure?

    If you’ve chosen plastic surgery or if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you’re probably excited about the improvements you anticipate, but you may have some reticence or anxiety about general anesthesia. Let our Boston liposuction surgeon explain. Every cosmetic surgical procedure requires the use of local or general anesthesia. When a complicated surgery or multiple procedures are… Read More

  5. Plastic Surgery and Choosing a Boston Plastic Surgeon

    Most people undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. If you ever feel you need to increase your physical beauty and appearance, then a Boston Plastic Surgeon can be of great help to you. Plastic surgery offers a whole new world of possibilities, ensuring that you can get the dream body and appearance you want. What Is Plastic… Read More

  6. How Do I Know If My Side Effects After Surgery are Normal?

    Accredited plastic surgeons perform hundreds of types of procedures to help their patients get the look they want to achieve, or repair injuries due to burns, scarring, major facial damage, etc. In any type of surgery, complications can occur, but the doctor usually provides detailed post-op instructions on what to do to fully recover and… Read More

  7. What Type of Garments Should I Wear After Plastic Surgery?

    The right garment is essential in reducing the risks associated with improper post-surgery care and can help patients recover properly. One is required to wear clothing that is specially designed to enhance plastic surgery results and facilitate healing. Compression garments can look similar to compression sportswear or a girdle but cannot serve the purpose of… Read More

  8. Will Getting a Tattoo Affect My Plastic Surgery?

    If you are considering a new plastic surgery procedure or are going to have a tattoo after the surgery, there are certain common sense rules to consider. The answer depends on a few factors you should consider if you have an upcoming plastic surgery procedure. Let our Boston cosmetic surgeons explain: In any surgical procedure, infection is… Read More

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