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  1. Who Should Get a Labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty is a simple, gynecological procedure that involves the removal of excess labial tissue from the vaginal area. This can be done for a number of reasons. This surgery is not limited to a certain type of person or reason for having labiaplasty. In fact, there are multiple methods of labiaplasty and each procedure is… Read More

  2. How Do I Know If My Side Effects After Surgery are Normal?

    Accredited plastic surgeons perform hundreds of types of procedures to help their patients get the look they want to achieve, or repair injuries due to burns, scarring, major facial damage, etc. In any type of surgery, complications can occur, but the doctor usually provides detailed post-op instructions on what to do to fully recover and… Read More

  3. How is a Labiaplasty Performed?

    When electing for a cosmetic procedure such as labiaplasty it helps to know how the surgery itself is performed. Knowing what to expect from your surgery can help put your nerves at ease and allow you to better understand how to prepare for the procedure. Below you will find helpful information and tips regarding the… Read More

  4. Recovery Time for a Labiaplasty Procedure

    If you’ve decided on labiaplasty surgery then you’re probably wanting to know what to expect during the recovery time. Fortunately, for many women undergoing a labiaplasty procedure the recovery period is relatively quick with minimal pain and swelling. Every case is different and labiaplasty methods may vary. Some methods include a wedge procedure, laser technique,… Read More

  5. How Long Will My Results from a Labiaplasty Procedure Last?

    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve cosmetic and health concerns in your vaginal area. This is done by reshaping or resizing the vaginal lips or labia themselves. Many women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with certain changes in appearance and feel of their current physical condition in this area. Changes in the vaginal region… Read More

  6. How to Prepare for a Labiaplasty?

    A labiaplasty is a relatively simple procedure intended to reduce the amount of labial tissue, otherwise known as the vaginal lips, in an effort to decrease discomfort and create a more pleasing aesthetic of the vaginal area. Women may have different reasons for getting the procedure done, but everyone considering a labiaplasty surgery will benefit… Read More

  7. Does a Labiaplasty Leave Scars?

    It is common before a surgical procedure to have my questions for your surgeon. Many people will also turn to friends who have undergone the procedure themselves or even online forums to get the answers. It’s important to keep in mind when seeking answers that the results of cosmetic surgeries, such as labiaplasties, vary from… Read More

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