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How Long Will My Results from a Labiaplasty Procedure Last?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve cosmetic and health concerns in your vaginal area. This is done by reshaping or resizing the vaginal lips or labia themselves.

Many women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with certain changes in appearance and feel of their current physical condition in this area. Changes in the vaginal region can be brought on by many factors including pregnancy, childbirth, weight fluctuation, and the natural aging process.

Labiaplasty can help address the size, shape, or symmetry of your labia. Also, it can reduce some discomfort from wearing tight clothing as well as discomfort during physical exercise and intercourse.

Although there are many, one of the most asked questions is about the longevity of labiaplasty results. In most all cases, the results are permanent. You can enjoy your newfound beauty the moment the recovery time is completed. Keep in mind that all bodies are different, and things like aging, childbirth, or trauma can affect you, as an individual, differently. Labiaplasty surgery rejuvenates the vagina and creates a more youthful appearance that matches the rest of the body. The procedure can also make hygiene easier and help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections by eliminating tissues that can harbor unwanted bacteria.

Any surgery must balance the risk versus the rewards involved. As stated, a labiaplasty is a permanent procedure, and you want to be sure all your questions are answered. Consult with your Boston or Wellesley cosmetic surgeon, so that all your concerns can be addressed.

What Should You Expect During the Labiaplasty Procedure?

Labiaplasty is almost always an outpatient office procedure, so you can go home the same day it is done. The length of your specific type of procedure will depend on the details of the specific treatment plan you are having done. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss all these options with you during your initial consultation.

There are two main types of labiaplasty procedures:

  • A labia majora reduction reduces the size and shape of the outer lips of your vagina.
  • A labia minora reduction reduces the size and shape of the inner lips

These reduction procedures are performed by using either the trim technique or the wedge technique. Utilizing the trim technique, your cosmetic surgeon removes excess skin around the outer edge of the labia. In a wedge technique procedure, a V-shaped “wedge” is cut out of the labia at the widest point, and then the edges are stitched together.

You must know all the details of this procedure, and your Boston labiaplasty surgeon will thoroughly go over all of them with you.

What Should I Generally Expect During the Recovery Period for a Labiaplasty?

Your cosmetic surgeon will usually prescribe medications to help you manage any pain and discomfort after the procedure. You also will receive detailed post-surgical instructions regarding care of the incisions, and things that your doctor may immediately want to know about. It is vitally important that you follow all the post-op instructions diligently.

Recovery time varies, but most women can return to a normal routine within 1 to 2 weeks. You usually will need to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after your procedure, and your cosmetic surgeon will monitor you throughout the recovery period.

You should know that a labiaplasty procedure comes with a low risk of infection and commonly causes only minimal scarring that’s not usually even visible after a few months. Mild post-procedure pain and swelling may occur for a few days and can be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

Being a Permanent Procedure, How Do I Know if Labiaplasty is Right for Me?

If you are considering a Labiaplasty procedure and are in excellent physical health and even do not smoke, not every woman will be a candidate for labiaplasty. As with any surgical procedure, being in good overall health is important, as is not smoking. Certain underlying health issues and smoking can interfere with your recovery. So, then what may make you a good candidate for labiaplasty? If the size or shape and overall appearance of your labia affect your self-confidence or may even interfere with your daily activities, you absolutely may be an ideal candidate for a labiaplasty procedure.

This is one of the main reasons to have an initial consultation with your doctor. Your Boston plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough exam (including your medical history) and determine if a labiaplasty procedure is a correct, and safe, option for you. You need to be open and let your surgeon know exactly how your current labia structure impacts your self-image, your daily life, and what you expect from the surgery. During this time, you should ask all the questions you may have about your surgery so that you and your labiaplasty surgeon can make the right decision for your specific needs.

So What Are the First Steps to Take If I am Considering a Labiaplasty?

For you, and many women, discussing labiaplasty can be an awkward, scary, and uncomfortable experience. The team at Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery will strive for an open, relaxing environment so that you can feel comfortable in discussing all the details of this procedure. Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery, in Boston, provides you with a caring, understanding, and expert team experienced in labiaplasty procedures. The doctors and staff will remain involved in every step of the procedure, from consultation to your full recovery.

Remember that this is a permanent surgical procedure, but it may also provide the confidence, rejuvenation, and health you are looking for.Remember that this is a permanent surgical procedure, but it may also provide the confidence, rejuvenation, and health you are looking for.

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