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Category Archives: Skin

  1. What Is It Like To Undergo Intravenous Anesthesia?

    If you have chosen to get plastic surgery or if you are considering a cosmetic procedure in the Boston area, you are probably excited about the improvements you anticipate, but you may have some reticence or anxiety about intravenous anesthesia. Every cosmetic surgical procedure requires the use of local anesthesia. When complicated surgery or multiple… Read More

  2. Tips For A Healthy Recovery Following A Surgical Procedure

    Recovery from a cosmetic surgical procedure may be quick and easy for some patients, but for most of us here in New England, a full and successful recovery will take a little more time and effort. It is important to understand that the recovery process following plastic surgery will be different for every patient. What… Read More

  3. How Long Will My Results from a Labiaplasty Procedure Last?

    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve cosmetic and health concerns in your vaginal area. This is done by reshaping or resizing the vaginal lips or labia themselves. Many women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with certain changes in appearance and feel of their current physical condition in this area. Changes in the vaginal region… Read More

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