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Does a Labiaplasty Leave Scars?

It is common before a surgical procedure to have my questions for your surgeon. Many people will also turn to friends who have undergone the procedure themselves or even online forums to get the answers. It’s important to keep in mind when seeking answers that the results of cosmetic surgeries, such as labiaplasties, vary from person to person. Even the procedures themselves will vary.

This is because procedures such as labiaplasty will often be tailored to the individual person’s needs. No two bodies are exactly alike, including the amount and shape of labial tissue. This is why there are multiple methods of performing labiaplasty.

When preparing for a labiaplasty, regardless of the method that will be performed, an often asked question is, “Will the surgery leave a scar?” You may be disappointed to find out that most surgeries that involve a cut or incision, including those made with lasers, will often leave a scar. However, this is no need to feel discouraged. Advancements in technology and techniques, as well as the experience of a qualified surgeon, means than scars are often minimal and difficult to detect.

The good news is that scars left from labiaplasty procedures are typically very small. The incisions made are generally tiny. In addition to the small surgical cuts made, the labial tissue is thin and contains a healthy blood supply. The vaginal area also has a crinkled look, so the scars are often not visible because of the body’s natural shape and contours. A skilled surgeon will work to leave the area looking natural and as if a surgery had never taken place.

Scars and Methods of Labiaplasty

Scarring will also depend on the tools used by the surgeon and whether the proper incisions are made. This is reason it’s so important to find a qualified, skilled cosmetic surgeon with an excellent track record. You will want to be able to trust your surgeon to help you make the best decisions regarding the method of labiaplasty chosen. There are different methods of labiaplasty and not every method may be a good fit for your individual case.

For example, a laser labiaplasty utilizes a laser technique that is well suited to women with small amounts of labial tissue to remove. The lasers reduce the amount of time required for the procedure, as well as the invasiveness of the operation itself. This type of labiaplasty is precise and often leads to short recovery times. The amount of discomfort, scarring, and stiffness may be reduced with this type of method. Laser labiaplasty may not be the best option for everyone, though. This is why other techniques, like the wedge method, Z-incisions, and trim methods are also options. You will want to discuss all of your options with your surgeon to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Though scarring is often minimal and may even disappear with time, there are some risks aside from scars related to labiaplasty. You could experience numbness, stiffness, discoloration, or tissue thickening in the scarred area. Working with a qualified surgeon will help to reduce the risks involved.

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