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Recovery Time for a Labiaplasty Procedure

If you’ve decided on labiaplasty surgery then you’re probably wanting to know what to expect during the recovery time. Fortunately, for many women undergoing a labiaplasty procedure the recovery period is relatively quick with minimal pain and swelling. Every case is different and labiaplasty methods may vary.

Some methods include a wedge procedure, laser technique, a Z-incision, or a traditional trim labiaplasty. The method chosen will depend on the purpose of the labiaplasty in your case, such as an excessive amount of labial tissue causing pain during intercourse or uneven vaginal lips that are causing self-consciousness for the woman. The labiaplasty methods available should be discussed at length with your surgeon.

Be sure to disclose your goals for the procedure and any concerns you may have. Being open and honest with your surgeon will ensure the best results possible. It’s crucial to choose a surgeon that is qualified and experienced with good reviews. Though new techniques mean that labiaplasty procedures are not as invasive as in the past, they are still intimate operations and you should feel comfortable with your surgeon.

Your surgeon will go over preoperative and postoperative instructions with you. This will include detailed instructions for your recovery time. At this time, you should ask any questions that you have. In addition to any specific advice from your surgeon, here are some useful tips to help you take care of yourself properly and a few of the things you should expect during the healing process.

Discomfort After Surgery

During the surgery itself you are unlikely to feel discomfort because of the anesthesia. After the operation it’s possible to feel some pain and tenderness. The recovery period can last several days and it’s not uncommon to feel sore during this period. Try wearing loose clothing for comfort and take time to relax. You won’t want to be too active during this time so you can allow your body to properly heal. If you experience pain during urination, it can help to pee in the shower while gently running warm water over the painful area.

Bruises and Swelling

It is also very common to notice bruising or swelling during the few weeks following surgery. This is nothing to be concerned about. It may help you to wrap an ice pack in cloth or towels and apply it to the area to reduce the swelling.

Hygiene and Medication

Your surgeon may prescribe topical medications to apply to the area. Pain medications may also be prescribed to help you during the recovery period. Follow the instructions carefully that are given by your surgeon for any medications or wound dressings to allow the area to heal correctly. It will also help to use pads during your period following the surgery instead of tampons or menstrual cups in order to not agitate the area or interrupt the healing process.

Sex After Surgery

Even if it’s difficult to abstain, it is best for your health if you wait to have sex after your surgery. Allow for a period of up to six weeks before having sex to allow for proper healing. Consult with your labiaplasty surgeon if you have any questions or experience pain and difficulty with sexual intercourse following your operation.

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