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  1. How Do I Know If My Side Effects After Surgery are Normal?

    Accredited plastic surgeons perform hundreds of types of procedures to help their patients get the look they want to achieve, or repair injuries due to burns, scarring, major facial damage, etc. In any type of surgery, complications can occur, but the doctor usually provides detailed post-op instructions on what to do to fully recover and… Read More

  2. Who is a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

    If you have considered an eyelid lift surgery, also known as a blepharoplasty procedure, then you might want to know if you are a good candidate. This simple outpatient procedure can add a youthful appearance back to your face and is often done for cosmetic reasons. There are functional reasons for getting an eyelift procedure… Read More

  3. Types of Eyelid Surgery

    Everyone is an individual with different skin types and facial structures. Just as there are no two snowflakes that are identical, neither are there two people that are exactly identical. We all age differently as well. This means that candidates for eyelid lift surgery have different needs and these different needs require different types of… Read More

  4. How is an Eyelid Lift Procedure Performed?

    As we age the skin on our face begins to lose its firmness and starts to sag. This includes the skin around the eyes. You may notice dark circles or puffiness in the bags under your eyes as well as drooping eyelids as you get older. This can give the appearance of tiredness or old… Read More

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