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  1. Can I Downsize My Breast Implants?

    While most breast implant patients are quite pleased with their initial results, over time, some women become dissatisfied with those results, and they may come to feel that their implants are too big. Can your breast implants be downsized? What does “downsizing” require? If you have breast implants, or if you are considering breast implants,… Read More

  2. Why Is Getting Cosmetic Surgery Overseas So Dangerous?

    With the increasing social emphasis on looks, a dangerous trend is emerging. It’s called “cosmetic surgery tourism.” It refers to those who seek inexpensive plastic surgical procedures in other nations – supposedly for less than someone would pay in the U.S. or Canada. Fifteen million patients from the U.S. seek some kind of medical treatment… Read More

  3. Breast Implants & Cancer… Any Connection? There are risks involved with every surgical procedure, including breast augmentation. Most issues or complications occur during the patient’s recovery immediately following the breast augmentation, but there are long-term risks as well. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently reported a link between breast implants and a rare type of cancer known as anaplastic… Read More

  4. How Long Is The Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation?

    As breast surgeons, we can tell you that augmentation is a common procedure across the country, but it is still considered surgery. As with any surgery, there will be incisions, bleeding, and some degree of pain and discomfort. There are several options for how the surgery is performed. This means there are various factors that… Read More

  5. Can I Breastfeed My Baby After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    Often, a young woman decides on working with a breast augmentation surgeon before she is ready to become a mother. But, when the time comes, she is concerned if her choice means she cannot breastfeed her infant. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a positive outcome with breastfeeding. Other times breastfeeding is no problem at all…. Read More

  6. Breast Lift Vs. Breast Augmentation – What Prospective Patients Should Know

    If you’re not happy with your breast size and shape, keep reading. You’ll briefly learn about two popular procedures: breast lifts and breast augmentations. Of course, every patient is different, and any final decisions should be made only after consulting the right Boston cosmetic surgeon. What – exactly – is a breast lift? What is a… Read More

  7. How Do I Know If My Side Effects After Surgery are Normal?

    Accredited plastic surgeons perform hundreds of types of procedures to help their patients get the look they want to achieve, or repair injuries due to burns, scarring, major facial damage, etc. In any type of surgery, complications can occur, but the doctor usually provides detailed post-op instructions on what to do to fully recover and… Read More

  8. What Are the Real Risks of Reversing a Breast Augmentation?

    An increasing number of women are currently removing the implants they once desired. After experiencing health issues, women are reversing their decision to get implants, although health experts are divided on whether implants can make a person sick. Although silicone and saline breast implants are usually considered safe for breast reconstruction, research on such augmentations’ safety is… Read More

  9. Where Are The Incisions For Breast Augmentation?

    When a surgeon performs breast augmentation surgery, he or she considers your personal anatomy and the desired results before the procedure. This allows them to choose the best place to make the incision. Your breast augmentation surgeon will explain all the challenges he or she and you will face with specific procedures. Depending on your… Read More

  10. How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

    The cost of plastic surgery varies widely and depends on the type of surgery performed. Cosmetic surgeries are not all the same. A Mommy Makeover that includes a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, Botox, and dermal filler will be much more complex, time-consuming, and costly than a simple eyelift surgery. The cost will… Read More

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