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What Type of Garments Should I Wear After Plastic Surgery?

The right garment is essential in reducing the risks associated with improper post-surgery care and can help patients recover properly. One is required to wear clothing that is specially designed to enhance plastic surgery results and facilitate healing.

Compression garments can look similar to compression sportswear or a girdle but cannot serve the purpose of a post-op garment. A cosmetic surgeon in Boston, MA, is always willing to help patients prepare a post-surgery plan, including what clothes to wear.

What are the Pros of Wearing the Right Compression Garment?

Wearing the right garment after your procedure is essential in keeping your body functioning optimally. And if you wear it as advised, you will enjoy being on it and improve your recovery outcomes.

More Comfort

Plastic surgery shouldn’t hinder you from moving around. However, there is the risk of pulling and straining the incision lines and damaged tissues.

The right post-surgery garment guarantees you ultimate comfort, which explains why it’s common for some patients to keep wearing them weeks after the mandatory period.

Better Circulation

Notably, the damaged tissues need an adequate supply of nutrients to recover well and faster. If you wear the right attire after surgery, you allow blood to flow to where it’s needed most and nourish the treated areas. You won’t have to worry about the risk of blood clots or excessive bruising and swelling.

Decreased Risk of Seroma

If the pockets beneath the skin are not compressed after surgery, they can collect excess serous fluids that cause Seroma. The right garment is designed to minimize or eliminate such pockets by applying constant, even pressure on the tissues.

Will I Face Difficulty in Breathing With Compression Garments?

Ideally, you’re not expected to struggle to breathe because of an abdominal compression garment, unless you are breathing unnaturally. Belly breathing is a habit that gets adults accustomed to breathing with their bellies, and when it’s compressed, one may struggle to breathe.

Natural breathing should involve the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, and the intercostal muscles. Conscious breathing can help individuals unlearn belly breathing and enjoy being in a compression garment.

For How Long Should I Wear a Compression Garment?

Surgeons usually prescribe different sets of compression garments to be worn after plastic surgery in Massachusetts. And the patient has to wear them as instructed because each set serves a different purpose. The type of surgery, your body type, and your unique recovery speed determine how long you will need to wear the garment.

Generally, the first compression garment for scar management should be worn for between two and six weeks. You will later transition to thinner and less restrictive ones after the approval of your Wellesley cosmetic surgeon. Remember that everyone’s recovery journey is different, and it is okay to take a bit longer.

Do I Need Any Other Post-Surgery Clothing?

Yes, you will need other comfortable clothing to wear after plastic surgery. Patients need comfortable and easy attire to put on, for instance, button-up tops, elastic waist pants, and loose-fitting clothes.

What Should Guide Me While Choosing a Post-Surgery Garment?

It is advisable to shop for a garment before your procedure to use as soon as possible; post-op. Your Boston mommy makeover surgeon can help you decide what to wear.

Flexibility of Material

Flexible material is not only comfortable, but it can also allow you to continue doing most of your daily activities and still achieve excellent outcomes with your surgery. The garment needs to conform to your body and ease your movements at the same time.

Level of Compression

A compression level of between 17mm and 21mm Hg is considered ideal for optimal results. Too much pressure can shrink the skin, but the right amount distributes compression evenly onto the tissues.

The Fabric

Only choose garments that are breathable and are made from high-quality materials. The right fabric should offer the ultimate support and comfort for a smooth recovery.

What Types of Post-Op Garments Are Available?

Depending on your procedure, you can choose various garments that can support your body in healing faster. Note that your ligaments and muscles need extra support during this period, and your clothes need to offer just that.

Chin Support and Facial Garments

Facial rejuvenation procedures like rhinoplasty, eyelid lifts, instalifts, and facelifts are among the most sensitive and delicate surgeries for any patient. Chin support and facial garments can give added protection and comfort and support healing.

Abdominal Lipo Foam

The skin in your mid-section is usually too sensitive when you wear a compression garment following a liposuction or tummy tuck procedure. An abdominal lipo foam creates the needed barrier to reduce the chances of developing indentations or permanent marks in the early phase of healing.

Arm Compression

Arm lifts, Brachioplasty, and CoolSculpting® procedures can accumulate toxins and fluids in the arm muscles. Arm compression helps with blood circulation, which ensures that the skin tightens to the muscle.

Post-surgical Bras

After a Boston breast reconstruction surgery, your breast will need a lot of stability to contour and heal more naturally. Post-surgical bras are ideal if you want to do breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift.

A Journey With an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

Ripples and bulges developing after an excellently done plastic surgery procedure is every patient’s dreaded nightmare. Every procedure works well with a specific kind of garment that can optimize its results. Generally, the perfect compression garment should be fitting but not too tight.

Sizing can be a challenge for many patients because the tissues might have swelled a little bit, and the volume of the implanted materials will be a critical factor. So, don’t risk making any purchases before consulting a top plastic surgeon in Boston, MA. Preparing for surgery and post-surgery can be complicated. This is a journey of recovering your self-confidence and self-esteem, and you shouldn’t be going at it alone. Talk to dedicated and skilled Boston cosmetic surgeons today. Dial 617-237-6061 to get started.

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