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Recovery Time for Mommy Makeovers

If your pregnancy or pregnancies have altered your appearance and left you unsatisfied with the look of your body then you may want to consider a Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover is a group of procedures typically completed in one session to help bring your body closer to the way it looked before you had your baby. Pregnancy and nursing can put a strain on a woman’s body and a Mommy Makeover is designed to address the body’s problem areas after the baby is born. Of course, you will need to wait at least six months after the birth of your last child so your body can heal properly before the Mommy Makeover is performed.

You must also be certain that you do not want anymore kids before going through with the procedure. If you were to become pregnant again after the Mommy Makeover has been done then the new pregnancy can practically erase the positive effects of the surgery. This is because the body will once again stretch to accommodate the new child. You should also be finished nursing when you are ready to schedule the session. If you are having any breast augmentation or lifts done then you want your breasts to be their normal shape and size for the surgeon to make a proper assessment.

Preparing for the Surgery

Once you’ve consulted with an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon and determined the best procedure for you then you’re ready to prepare yourself for the recovery time. Like any surgery where incisions are involved, your body will need to be given the proper amount of time to heal. You surgeon will give you specific instructions on preparing yourself for the surgery and instructions for taking care of yourself after the Mommy Makeover.

Procedures performed vary depending on the person’s needs, so you can expect variations in recovery times as well. Some patients are able to go home the same day. On average you can expect to need two to four weeks of time off of work following your surgery. If your job is physically demanding then you may need additional time off. It also helps to enlist the aid of a caretaker to help you care for your home, children, or pets while you’re in the beginning recovery stages.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time Care

You will probably be given medications to alleviate the pain and fight off infection. It’s important during this time that you do not take medications like aspirin or any supplements that thinn the blood. Allowing your body to heal also means that you must discontinue the use of tobacco. Many surgeons will not operate on you unless you have quit tobacco products for a certain amount of time prior to surgery.

You should expect bruises and swelling. You will likely be sore for some time following the surgery. Be sure to walk around every fifteen minutes or so in the days after your operation. Doing this gets your blood flowing and discourages blood clots from forming.

It’s important to not push yourself too soon. You need to give your body sufficient time to heal. Alert your Mommy Makeover surgeon if you experience excessive pain or fever. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions during your recovery time and never hesitate to ask questions.

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