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Does A Tummy Tuck Leave A Scar?

One reason people hesitate to get tummy tuck surgeries is the fear of scarring. While there must be scary, it does not have to be something that draws attention. Let our tummy tuck surgeon explain.

To perform a tummy tuck, the abdomen must be cut by your surgeon. The skin is pulled away exposing the muscles and tissues inside, and those are manipulated, and formed into a shape that will make you appear flatter, smoother, and younger.

Two scars will be left, one horizontal scar across the lower stomach and a belly button scar to keep the belly button in place. These scars will fade with time, and they are placed in such a place that you should not be bothered by them at all. Even if you wear a bikini, the scars will not be noticed.

Before your surgery, your doctor will come in and mark your body, so you will know exactly where the scar is going to be after the procedure. The proper way to do this is to hold the stomach up and draw the marking low, near the pubic crease. If they do not hold the excess skin up, the scar may be higher than you wish. It will never be more than 3-inches above the pubic crease.

Be sure to communicate with your doctor and let them know that this is important to you. The final scar will be determined greatly in the way they close the incision so be clear if scarring is a concern to you. Take a pair of panties with you that you can slip on after they mark your stomach, so you will see exactly where the scar will be.

Belly Button Scar

There are two ways to make the belly button scar. One technique to make the scar round which does not look bad but does not look completely natural either. The second scar is an inverted U scar, and it looks the most natural. So, speak to them about the belly button scar as well.

Communication is the key. Ask the surgeon to show you pictures of patients before and after their tummy tuck surgery. Ask them about their surgical techniques. Find out how they intend to close the wound and what kind of scarring that could cause. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get the information you need.

After the Surgery

There are a few things you can do to help keep your tummy and scar in good condition for the weeks following your tummy tuck.

  • Avoid sexual contact for at least three weeks
  • Eat small meals of healthy food. Do not try to wait and eat a large dinner because you skipped food that day.
  • Drink plenty of water – hydration is very important
  • Do not smoke. You should have been smoke-free for 6-weeks before the surgery, you need to be smoke-free 6-weeks after the surgery (and after 12 weeks).
  • Use Vitamin E oil once a day on your scar. Make sure it is pure Vitamin E and rub it in well.
  • Do not go into direct sunlight without good sunscreen coverage.

These tips will help your scarring be less noticeable, and with these practices and some time, they will fade away beautifully.

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