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The Best Restaurants In Wellesley, Massachusetts

Wellesley is in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, which is part of the Boston area. It has a very rich history, and the city is a charming walk through the past. With buildings dating back to the early 1800s, this city is a great combination of the past and modern comfort.

One unique thing worth mentioning about dining in Wellesley is the city’s position on alcohol. Many restaurants in Wellesley, MA do not serve alcohol. On the flip side is, you are allowed to bring your own alcohol (wine and beer) to many of the restaurants, which saves you a lot of money. Anywhere alcohol is consumed you must have a liquor license, and you have to eat with your drinking. You might want to check to see the alcohol situation before you go.

Upscale and Famous

Wellesley is the home of Alta Strada; an Italian restaurant owned by celebrity chef Michael Schlow. This famous chef is well loved in the community, and the restaurant is rated very highly.

Juniper is run by the owners of Sweet Basil, in Needham, Massachusetts. This is a very popular Mediterranean restaurant where they serve authentic dishes which are prepared with exotic spices.

Bocado is a famous Tapa Bar. They serve more than 40 different tapas and several signature dishes. They feature imported meats and cheeses and offer an exclusive Spanish wines list. This is a cut above the rest, and you will enjoy this unique dining experience in the area.


There are many Asian restaurants around Wellesley. Our favorites are:

Japanese restaurant, with a huge sushi variety

Japanese restaurant that specializes in fresh foods and they have a wonderful sushi bar

Chinese restaurant, which is excitingly different. Chef C.K. Sau is a world traveler, and while his dishes are traditional Chinese, he adds his unique touches from the foods he has experienced around the world.

Authentic Thai food, served in a nicer casual environment.

Other favorites

  • Maugus – Greek food in a setting from the “old days”. This is popular with families and business people throughout the city.
  • Captain Marden’s Table and Takeaway- Seafood and so much more. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A casual environment and a great staff make this an area favorite.
  • The Linden Store deli – The Linden Store deli is a very popular and long-standing, family-owned business. Great food, great service, and a nice place to relax.
  • The Local – This is a casual place with great food and a very friendly staff. They are a local favorite for American food so you may run into a wait at certain times. However, it is worth the wait.

There are many other great places to eat in Wellesley. They are pretty well known for all their great and diverse pizzas. Be sure to look around before you go. There are so many choices and so many unique items on the menus that you do not want to miss any favorites.

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